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Tina & Melody; Monster Hunters

2.17 usd

Tina & Melody; Monster Hunters is a couch co-op, dungeon crawling, twin stick shooter featuring the two titular toddlers with their laser bazookas as they hunt monsters and the occasional treasure!Features of the game:
* Play together with another player on just 1 phone!* 50 procedural generated levels you can explore together!* Enemies ranging form cute little ghosts to big bullet-hell bosses!* game pad mode, no controls clogging your screen!* also the possibility to play alone
Minimal system requirements:* Make sure your phone can handle 4 or more touches on screen or you can attach 2 game pads to your phone* This game is 3D heavy. If you haven't already, try out other 3D games. If they run smooth, this one will too.